What is Airspeed?

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Airspeed is a podcast (think high-quality, focused-content radio and TV over the Internet) distributed in audio and video episodes to thousands of mobile and desktop devices throughout the United States and the world.  This website is a collection point for Airspeed’s show notes, blog, and other information. 

Airspeed is primarily a podcast.  It’s a creature of the Internet that reaches its audience online.  It serves up between 12,000 and 19,000 episode copies every month through the podcast feed and viewers/listeners consume another thousand or so copies of Airspeed media through Airspeed’s posts on Vimeo and other outlets.  We don’t get volume information when the show is distributed other than through the RSS feed or other outlets that we control, but we know that episodes make the rounds through consolidators and others that give the show a very substantial worldwide audience.

We occasionally provide CDs and DVDs of select show episodes, but (1) this is primarily to a means of helping public affairs personnel and others see the kind of content that Airspeed produces when they can’t reach out through a .mil firewall to see the content in its natural environment and (2) the real story of Airspeed’s audience is in the online distribution. Rediscover the world with Private Jet Rental, get your next flight quote, offers complementary quotes to your choice destination with custom luxury travel.

Airspeed is also a central framework for other aviation media projects like feature films (e.g. Acro Camp) and a touchpoint for other activities surrounding aviation and aerospace.  The aviation new-media and social-media community is far-flung, but very tight-knit and supports a culture of sharing and cross-pollination through shared projects.