What I Was Doing while You Guys Were at Sun ‘N Fun

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Got the call from Mary at about 6:00 saying that she was stuck on I-75 just north of M-59 (about 15 minutes away in rush hour traffic) with both our kids and one of the neighbor kids in the car. If anyone lost a big honking spike-like thing on or near I-75, I’ve got it. You can come by and pick it up any time.

In better news, I got a call from Dave Shalbetter of Sun ‘N Fun Radio last night and he held the phone to the monitor to let me hear Fingers in the Airport Fence Entwined playing on the overnight loop. How cool that (a) they’d play it and (b) Dave would call to let me hear it. I’ve already put in the request with Mary to see if I can go down and volunteer with the station in person next year.

Multi training next weekend at Traverse Air (actually in Cadillac because the Apache lives there until May 1 each year. Got the manuals this week and I’m studying every day. Hoping for good weather.

Then it’s on to Griffin, Georgia for the DC-3 type rating in the first part of May once I get the dates nailed down.

Lots going on. Stay tuned!