AirVenture – The Drive Home

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We broke camp yesterday, took a walk down the main drag at AirVenture 2008, and then hit the road for home. Just before breaking camp, I got this shot of skywriting over Firebase Airspeed (the green and grey tent, the back of which appears here).

It had not occurred to me that I have been to Oshkosh three times and had not yet gotten any cheese curds. So I picked up some at the Planeview convenience store. Actually, a combo pack of cheddar cheese curds, string cheese, and sausage. Wisconsin in a plastic bag. The only thing missing from the bag was some 100LL. 12 oz. of artery-clogging goodness!

I’m constantly struck by the fact that dumbasses ride motorcycles around in Wisconsin and in other states with no helmets. I hope there’s a statutory exclusion from state Medicaid for morons who become vegetables because they can’t be bothered to wear a brain bucket.

Best vehicle seen on the way home? Easy call. This guy with the Kiss solo album cover series on the back of his Chevy Trailblazer. The Kiss Army is alive and well in Wisconsin!

About nine hours on the road. Cole stayed awake until about a half hour before home. He didn’t start asking about time to destination until about three hours out. Better than some adult passengers, I’ll bet.

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  1. re: dumb*sses not wearing helmets – I’m an ex-motorcycle rider with probably 25K miles on various sport bikes, and I used to share your opinion about these guys. But my wife, who has been a nurse for quite a long time, opined that helmets are a *cause* of the paraplegic/dain bramaged/otherwise disabled people – i.e. without the helmet they’d simply be DEAD but the helmet saves their life – just not other things like the spine, etc.

    It’s something to think about. Me personally, if I ever start riding again, I’ll still wear a helmet ’cause I feel naked without one.

    cheers from San Jose,

    Dave B.

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