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Ever wonder how Capt Force does it? Ratings, endorsements, CAP, day job, and podcast? I’ll tell you, folks. It’s all about khaki.

You don’t want to have to make decisions in the morning. You want to preserve your faculties for the challenges of the day. And that’s why Airspeed runs on Khaki. The all-purpose color and the all-purpose pants that make being male in a business-casual America just that much easier.

I picked up my laundry yesterday. Assuming three or four days for each pair before the coffee and food stains make them unpresentable and I’m looking at not having to worry about pants until December. Yeah, baby!

So here’s to 100LL and Jet-A and JP-8 and Leinenkugel’s. And to Khaki. Covering Airspeed’s butt for going on three years!