Frame Grabs from the Six-Ship T-34 Ride with Lima Lima at Gary

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A pretty brief blog post here because I’m on the road, but I wanted to get some frame grabs up from the ride in the back of the T-34 Mentor of second element lead, Ed “Outlaw” Hicks of the Lima Lima Flight Team.
Lima Lima operates the only civilian six-ship formation aerobatic team in the United States. Being in the No. 4 ship is ideal because you’re surrounded by airplanes. It just seems like you can’t get a wide enough angle lens to really capture what’s going on.
Anyway, I need to get to the video editing, but I’ll be posting other material soon!
If you’re in the area, be sure to check out the Gary South Shore Airshow this weekend!

Frame Grabs of the Other Media Riders from the T-34 Ride

Not a lot of commentary here. Just wanted to get the frame grabs up so that the other media riders could get to the pics sooner rather than later.