Airspeed Updates its Opening Sequence for Video Features

I finally got around to adding in some recent video to the opening sequence for the video episodes. It comes, at least in part, from my ongoing efforts to get the T-38 episode out. I thought I’d post it here for the heck of it as I get ready to release some more video content.

T-38 Egress Training – Part 2

And now it’s time for the “do” phase of the T-38 egress training at Beale AFB. I climb in, strap in, and get a chance to demonstrate what I’ve learned. And ask a lot more questions!

I’m planning to shoot some more commentary this weekend and then I’ll have all of the elements I need to get going on the final edit. Watch for the finished episode in October.

Raw Footage: T-38 Egress Training – Part 1b

Here’s the second half of the “show” portion of the egress training for the T-38 ride at Beale AFB in July. I’m paying pretty close attention because the “do” portion – where I have to get in, strap in, and show that I can get out quickly – is coming up shortly.
This is just the raw footage. I’m editing the episode and shooting some commentary and hoping to have the full episode ready to go in October. Stay tuned!

Raw Footage: T-38 Egress Training Part 1a

One of the beautiful things about new media is the ability to let your audience go as deep as it wishes into the experience. Although I’m carefully and artfully assembling the Airspeed episode covering the T-38 ride using only the tastiest and most relevant parts of the footage, some of you are going to want to see the whole thing from beginning to end.
So here’s the second in a series containing the raw footage that went into the ride. In this installment, Capt Gorman goes through the initial pert of the “show” phase of the egress training. The “do” comes later when I strap in.

T-38 Parachute Training

This is a regular blog post. If you’re looking for show notes to audio and video episodes, please check out the other posts.

I’m getting ready to put together the T-38 episode and I’m going back through all of the footage, picking out the stuff toat’ll go into the episode. We shot a lot of footage and, clearly, only a small part will go into the actual video eposide. But a lot of it is pretty cool if you’re into the nitty gritty of what goes into training for a ride like this. So I’m going to start posting some of the video here as deep background for those of you who are interested. Stay tuned for more soon!