Audio Episode Show Notes: River Days – Part 2 – We’ve Got an Airshow!

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It looks as though we’ve got us an airshow!  Funding has been approved and the Coast Guard is telling us that it should be no problem to give us a security zone on the river surface.  Being that those were the two biggest contingencies, it looks like we’ve got us an airshow!

In this episode, David Allen again takes the mic and leads the conversation about recent developments.  David’s role is key because it allows us to put out episodes in near-realtime and make this a really spontaneous process.  (Nearly the opposite of the epic multi-hour series for which Airspeed has become known.)  This is a real treat to be able to explore the other end of the spontaneity spectrum and this is turning out to be a really fun series of episodes.

So check out this second installment in the series and go deep into the process of putting on an airshow as it happens.  And come out and see the show 20-21 June at 1:00 pm EDT on the Detroit riverfront!

Performers scheduled to appear are as follows.  Click the image for more information about each performer.

Billy Werth – Pitts S-2C Aerobatics

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Brett Hunter – MXS Aerobatics (Note: Picture shows Brett’s Pitts S-2C, but Brett will be flying the MXS in the show.)

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Team Tuskegee – TG-7A Formation Demo

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