Known Airspeed/Acro Camp Sightings/Events for AirVenture Oshkosh 2012

Oshkosh for FOD and me is usually mostly unplanned and organic.  That’s still the case.  But we’re planning on a few touch points during our stay Wednesday 25 July through Saturday 28 July.

Wednesday 25 July (or almost any other evening after other stuff is done) Evening – Firebase Airspeed Informal Get-Togethers

I’m arriving Wednesday by car and will tweet or otherwise broadcast the lat/long of Firebase Airspeed, my campsite in Scholler shortly after arrival. Unlike in past years, I’ll probably be a little more remote with more room for FOD to build a fire and destroy things, as 10-year-olds are wont to do. I’ll bring my usual assortment of musical instruments (guitars, pipes, whistles, etc.) and any who are moved to sing, speak, or perform interpretive dances will be given due attention. Frankly, this stuff will likely go on every evening to some extent, but Wednesday seems to be the least conflicted. Please wander by if you’re in the neighborhood. Very informal. No reservations or necktie required. Watch for lat/long in my Twitter feed (@StephenForce).

Thursday 26 July 6:00 to 8:00 pm – UCAP Tiedown Party

The Uncontrolled Airspace podcast will hold its annual beer bust at the “Super-8 Gate” (43.993717,-88.574626) near the northwest corner of the field. BYO or drink what’s there. I plan to be prancing about with that dreaded round bottle of rocket fuel as well. This is the first year that the UCAP beer thing and the Sennheiser/ myTransponder Podapalooza/social media thing have been deconflicted, so we have the opportunity to hang with Jack, Jeb, and Dave. Please show up and show Jack Hodgson , Jeb Burnside , and Dave Higdon the love. I’ll be there doing the same.

Friday 27 July 11:30 am to 1:00 pm – IAC Presentation

David Allen and I will be presenting at the IAC Pavilion on the grounds. The topic is “Shooting Aerobatic Video.” There will also be updates on post-production, etc. The IAC Pavilion is a few hundred feet back from the crowd line at show center. Lots of people have already RSVP’ed and I’m sure that they’d welcome the opportunity to meet you.

Friday 27 July 6:00 pm to ??? – Podapalooza

myTransponder and Sennheiser USA will be hosting Podapalooza at the Sennheiser tent. New-media and social-media personalities will abound. More prancing and more dreaded round bottle, too. Come by and meet your favorite new- and social-media personalities.


Oshkosh Fever Begins to Build

This is a regular blog post. Please see the other entries if you’re looking for show notes or interview audio.

93 days to Oshkosh! Am I obsessing early?

I picked up the new hardware for this year’s Firebase Airspeed a few weeks ago at Costco and the weather was nice enough this weekend that we set it up and slept in it last night. Partially to figure out how the tent goes together, but also to get Cole in the tent and make sure that he’s accustomed to sleeping there before we hit Camp Scholler in earnest.

We also cooked out. Velveeta Mac and Cheese – the official Airspeed meal of choice for Oshkosh.

We’ll podcast and post our GPS coordinates once we get settled in and will be delighted to see any visitors who decide to amble by.

We’re planning on Wednesday through Saturday again this year, but might expand it a little one way or the other. I’ve been in contact with EAA Radio and might be doing some volunteer work for them, both in pre-production and onsite during the event. It comes down to what Fareed and his crew need and what I can provide. Watch this space!

A Mooney, Some Camping Gear, a Pillow, and a Shopping Bag Full of Charts – Going Places with Ron Klutts

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Ron Klutts and I have carried on a correspondence for more than a year and we finally met in person at AirVenture Oshkosh this summer. Ron and a friend had flown all the way from Palo Alto and had made a two-week ossyssey out of the OSH trip.

So when I thought about doing a show on going places (far-away places) Ron naturally came to mind. In this episode, we talk about long-distance GA flying. How to plan, what to take, how to pack, and other lessons learned from two nearly trans-continental trips.

Also check out Ron’s appearance on The Pilot’s Flight PodLog – Episode 9.

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Sprinters you say?

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Oshkosh – Thursday and a Little Friday

This morning outside the showers at Camp Scholler. Charging up Cole’s DVD player and my laptop and doing another blog post.

Cole peeks out of the left side window of Duggy – The Smile in the Sky, an EAA-operated DC-3. We later say the Liberty Parachute Team exit Duggy over the show.

How do you know it’s raining at Oshkosh? Check out the herd of fellow enthusiasts lined up instinctively under the wing of the C-5A. Lots of similar formations around the field as it spat rain on and off all day. Thunderstorms most of the night, but we stayed dry in the tent. Cole’s shoes were the only real victims.

A unique camping conveyance. Look closely . . .

Yep. This guy doesn’t mess around. It was 90+ F with little wind in the middle of the open fields of the ‘teens at Camp Scholler and this guy was looking awfully smart to me.

We’re Here! Oshkosh 2007

This is a regular blog entry. For show notes and links to audio, see the appropriate entries above and below.

We’re here! Here’s the classic shot with the tower. MVFR and showers all around, so I’m not sure how busy it actually was. Nevertheless, we saw them arriving as we made our way to the campsite.

Cole thinks that a C-5A is a darned handy thing to have around in case you need shelter in which to wait out a rain shower. And who could blame him?

Editing late at night at the campsite. There’s great wireless here! Way to go, EAA!