Pod-A-Palooza 2007

Pod-A-Palooza 2007 went off without a hitch this afternoon. Members of (generally left to right) of The Flying Pilot, Uncontrolled Airspace, UltraFlight Radio, The Pilotcast, The Student Pilot Flight PodLog, The CFIcast, The Finer Points, and, of course, Airspeed, gathered in Forum No.2 to on Friday, July 27 to hangar-fly. Pictured above is the panel as Jason Miller of The Finer Points and On The Flight Line (on mandolin and lead vocals) and Pilot Kent of the Pilotcast (on backing vocals) reprise their 2006 rendition of Jason’s I Look Up In the Sky. Jason was unable to bring his primary axe (guitar) and instead made do at the last minute with a borrowed mandolin in a different key. Rare and well done!

Uncontrolled Airspace’s and Around the Field‘s Jack Hodgson and The Student Pilot Flight PodLog’s Will Hawkins get acquainted as Pilot Mike, Pilot Dan, and the others set up the audio.

Pilot Will (formerly Student Pilot Will) fires off that pose of confidence that a new private pilot certificate is known to induce.

Cole has a CFI! Kate Bernard of Airspeed Alive briefs Cole on the logistics of getting around airventure.

Thanks to all who participated and especially to The Pilotcast for engineering the gathering and setting up the time at the forums that made Pod-A-Palooza a reality! And thanks especially to the listeners who came out to meet the voices in their heads!