The Airspeed Pilot Shop is Open for Business

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The Airspeed Pilot Shop is now open for business at Cafe Press. Get your favorite aviation podcaster’s noggin on T-shirts, barbecue-wear, baseball shirts, and mugs – along with witty, profound, and even inspiring commentary. All net proceeds go into producing and hosting the show. (And, believe me, they’re very “net” to make the stuff affordable for you. We know that every one of your dollars has to compete with your avgas pusher.)

So get your Airspeed gear today at

Great rags. Great podcast. What’s not to like?

(No, thongs are not available. Sorry!)

Pilot Will Hawkins Starts Next Podcast

This is a regular blog post. Looking for show notes? See below.

Will Hawkins of The Student Pilot Flight PodLog is starting his next venture in the Podsphere!

Will has already posted Episode 0 of The Pilot’s Flight PodLog. See and subscrbe through iTunes or your favorite other podcatcher. Will will swap stories of his aviation exploits with guests and feature yet other accounts by listeners and other contributors. Look for the first full episode soon, which is slated to feature hangar-flying with Pilot Kent of The Pilotcast. Yours truly will also join as soon as Will and I can both carve out some time.

Now if only Will could operate Skype! (And then teach me!)