The Airspeed Pilot Shop is Open for Business

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The Airspeed Pilot Shop is now open for business at Cafe Press. Get your favorite aviation podcaster’s noggin on T-shirts, barbecue-wear, baseball shirts, and mugs – along with witty, profound, and even inspiring commentary. All net proceeds go into producing and hosting the show. (And, believe me, they’re very “net” to make the stuff affordable for you. We know that every one of your dollars has to compete with your avgas pusher.)

So get your Airspeed gear today at

Great rags. Great podcast. What’s not to like?

(No, thongs are not available. Sorry!)

About Steve Tupper

Stephen Force is the superhero alter ego of mild-mannered tech and aviation lawyer, commercial pilot (glider, with private privileges in ASEL, ASES, AMEL, IA, and DC-3 (SIC) type-rated), and Civil Air Patrol lieutenant colonel Steve Tupper. Steve writes, records, and brings you the inside story about everything that really matters in aviation. He's flown with the USAF Thunderbirds, he's and airshow performer and air boss, and he's one of only five pilots ever to earn a FAST card in the glider category. Follow Steve's ongoing quest to do all that is cool in aviation at or on Twitter as @StephenForce.


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