How a Side Chair Should Look on Tuesdays

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Here’s how a side chair should look on Tuesdays. Ready to go hit a squadron meeting that evening. And, yeah, I change into uniform a little earlier than I have to before leaving because it’s just that cool to be seen for a few minutes around the office in a zoom bag.

Mary and the kids are out of town for the week, so I’m going to hit the squadron meeting tonight and drop off whatever copies of the most recent Form 5 I need to give to the squadron. Besides, Capt Craig is gong to do another G1000 presentation and I really want to start flying the G1000-equipped C-182 soon.

If you’re a pilot or aspiring non-pilot flight crew and you’re not a member of Civil Air Patrol yet, (a) what the heck are you thinking? and (b) go find a few units near you ( and visit them!