Yet More Acro Conditioning

This is a regular blog post.  You can find show notes and links to show audio in other posts.
About 1.5 in the Super-D yesterday with Barry Sutton, about 35 minutes of which was pretty good and consistent acro.  Tolerance is getting a lot better.  We pulled several combinations, including a loop to a hammerhead to a four-point roll and back-to-back split-S’s (a reverse Cuban eight?).
Feeling pretty good about the tolerance.  I go for one more session in the Super-D this week, go get a seaplane rating this weekend, then it’s off to Randolph AFB to fly the mighty T-6A Texan II.  It all seems to be happening pretty quickly but, in fact, it’s a result of a lot of planning as far back as last September.
Anyway, here are a few frame grabs from yesterday.