Airspeed Alfresco – Gotta Write!

This is a regular blog post. Please check out the other posts if you’ re looking for show notes or links to show audio.

Writing a lot today. Set up on the patio for now and will likely head for the office this afternoon late to get a bunch of work done. Mostly the Thunderbirds summary episode, tentatively titled “Sometimes Alternates Fly.”

I also need to edit down and post the episode I recorded with Will and Rico of Wilco Films about A Pilot’s Story. Good episode, I think. And Airspeed’s first outright request for funding – For the film. A worthy project that deserves to get made.

Then it’s recording the intro and outro for the David Kneupper interview and grabbing a couple of snippets of the Apollo/Saturn V Center and Star of Destiny music to load in at the right moments.

Got a lot to get over the tipping point this weekend. I was at Starbucks this morning shortly after it opened, cranking away and got most of the way through the cockpit audio itself. I was just writing the part about the nine-gee pull when I had to pack up to take the kids to Panera for breakfast and then to Lowes for a Guild and Grow project. Not I’m back at it. Would really love to record the narration this weekend! It’s possible! Got to knuckle down and get it out!