Every Once in Awhile, a Pilot Needs . . . Barbecue!

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Every once in awhile a pilot needs . . . Barbecue!

Cole and I went to Addison, Michigan this afternoon to get some barbecue at Fat Jimmy’s, the new restaurant operated by my best friend, JimKreucher, and his brother, Alex.

The restaurant is right at the main corner in Addison on US 127 about 18 miles south of I-94. An easy drive from Jackson or anywhere else in the neighborhood of Michigan International Speedway. Jim does hand cut straks, seafood, and great barbecue.

Here’s my lunch. Great pulled pork sandwich with homemade cole slaw in it and a few chips on the side.

A few pork butts in the custom-made smoker/roaster out back.

The firebox. A real Michigan hardwood fire off to the side that provides a well-regulated 200-300 degree heat and smoke to the main chamber. The roaster accommodates a whole pig , several pork butts, chicken, and sauce (yeak, Jim even smokes his sauce), We did the Hillsdale High class of 1985 reunion a couple of years ago when he had first buoilt the smoker. Unreal amounts and quality of barbecue.

If you’re anywhere near Addison, Michigan, make sure that you get to Fat Jimmy’s.
For the navigation device, it’s 110 North Steer Street in Addison, Michigan. For the telecommunications device, it’s 517-547-5603. For your nose or stomach, it’s obvious.