AE Appearance at Ella’s School

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I took advantage of the opportunity to visit Ella’s school to talk about what pilots do. This is one of the most basic and important things that Civil Air Patrol does (and what pilots in general ought to do). All four and five-year-olds just figuring out what’s cool and what skills they want to develop.

I took along pictures of airliners, the C-172, the T-6A, the F-16 and other aircraft. Additionally, I made it a point to take along pictures of Patty Wagstaff, Maj Nicole Malachowski, and Sally Ride to try to make an impression on the girls that it’s not just the boys who are going to grow up to be pilots.

Lots of fun and the kids were pretty attentive, especially considering that it was the last half hour of the school day.

My dad was pretty cool and made the odd appearance at school, but didn’t do so wearing a zoom bag. You just can’t blow off an opportunity to show up at school in a zoom bag. It’s instant cool for the kid and, in a way, even cooler for me.