Horsing Around in the Citabria with Ben Phillips

I went out with Ben Phillips this afternoon and horsed around the Acro Camp Citabria (N7636S). I still have lots of bad habits by Ben’s estimation, but I fly with Ben mostly to have benefit of his estimation, so it’s all good.

Five takeoffs and landings. Three of them to a full stop. So I’m again current to fly passengers in ASEL, be it tailwheel or otherwise. I think my work in the TG-7A has broken me to some extent of stirring the coffee on landing. Still some stirring, but nowhere near what I used to do.

And, perhaps coolest of all, Ben gave me the go-ahead to take the Citabria out solo. It might strike you as counterintuitive, but I’ve never been cut loose in a tail-dragging airplane. Lots and lots of time in them, but never solo. I have lots of solo time in a tail-dragging motorglider, but nothing about the TG-7A’s taildraggerness counts in the airplane world. I got my tailwheel endorsement from Dan Gryder in the DC-3 in 2008 and I’ve flown movie stuff and competition acro since then. But never frequently enough at any one place to get turned loose in the airplane.

My landings were pretty decent today. Not perfect by any means. The first one was a little ugly, even. And the wind was nearly calm. I know the difference between what I’m authorized to do and what it would be smart to do. So I’ll be back to fly some more with Ben when we can get a good crosswind with which to play.

In the meantime, my clothes smell like Citabria. It’s a good smell.


Win Capt Force’s iPro Aviator

Hey!  look!  A contest!  I’ve done very few of these, but it’s time to do one now.

Want to win my iPro aviator from For Pilots Only?

The best original aviation limerick takes it! Write and submit yours between now and 8:00 pm US ET on 19 October 2012 as a comment to this post or e-mail it to me at steve@airspeedonline.com.  Note that comments to this post are moderated, so your limerick might not show up immediately.

Stay on topic. Rhyme and rhythm matter.  See the Wikipedia entry  for proper form.  Saltiness is fine (and is, arguably, an essential element of the limerick form). Disparagement of race, gender, sexual preference, etc. will get you the boot.

Multiple entries are fine.  Write all you want.

You’ll continue to own your rights in the limerick, but submission constitutes a license for Airspeed to use your limerick in future Airspeed media of any and all kinds and to attribute it to you.  You represent and warrant that your submitted limerick is your own work and that you have all rights in it necessary to grant the above license.

Steve is the sole judge and his decisions are final.

For what are you exerting your considerable poetic talents?  One iPro Aviator kneeboard (for iPad 2 or 3) from For Pilots Only.  The iPro Aviator is a well-made assembly of plastic, rubber, elastic, and metal that come together beautifully to turn your iPad into a kneeboard.  And, because there’s a flip-up panel that can cover the lower 2/3 or so of the screen, you’re not giving up your old-school notepad when you strap on the iPro Aviator.

If you fly straight and level all the time and/or don’t mind fishing around for your iPad on the floor or between your seats while your nose comes up and your airspeed decays, by all means just lay your iPad on your lap.  But, if you’re serious about cockpit resource management and having your information right there when you look for it, the iPro Aviator is a great way to secure your iPad for use in your aircraft.

The iPro Aviator and other promotional consideration was generously provided by For Pilots Only.

Ready . . . Go!