Another Great Image by Tim Reed – And Thinking of Hitting the Studio

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Here’s No. 8 on my ride just after rotation with the gear coming up and the afterburner cranking. If you look closely, you can see the concentric donuts in the exhaust! Tim’s working on some more of the pictures and has been passing them along.

The more I think about it, the more inclined I am to actually go into someone else’s studio and record some original music for the Thunderbirds ride summary episode. Drum machine just isn’t going to cut it for this. I need to play acoustic drums and I need a good room and someone with good mics and good sensibilities on the console for that. I might also go electric for part of this one.

Probably acoustic six-string, mando (capoed up to two frets), bass (big Washburn and/or little Ashbory), Carvin DC-127T electric guitar, and, of course, acoustic drums. Mostly rhythmic stuff without a lot of melody to go under the commentary.

Like all evil guitarists, I’ll probably do it in E (you just need the growl of E to get the F-16 right), so the xaphoon is out. Too hard to play a C xaphoon in E. Although I might do one phase in A so I can use the shuttlepipes for part of it.

Got to go write and then schedule some studio time to get this done!