Building Possibly the Coolest Logbook Page Ever

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I think that I might be working on the greatest logbook page ever. It just happened that the DC-3 training in Griffin started on a new page, so I start out with five lines and four flights in the DC-3.

(By the way, the DC-3 course documentation took the form of a completion certificate, but no logbook entries. I made the entries myself based on the in-flight recordings I made while covering the type rating course for the show.)

So that’s DC-3, DC-3, DC-3, DC-3, Citabria, Citabria, F-16D. And Maj Mulhare was kind enough to sign that F-16D entry and even filled it out as being dual received!

Not sure there’s much else I could get in there that would make it cooler. The Tri-Motor would have been cool and I paid for the right seat, but Detroit City Airport wouldn’t make the proper arrangements to accommodate the EAA’s Tri-Motor and they had to cancel.

So I’ll put a little more Citabria time in the book tomorrow afternoon. And, to be honest, that’s plenty good enough for me. What a great summer so far! Maybe ASES in August with Tom Brady, but I think I’m through adding stuff prior to AirVenture Oshkosh in a few weeks. It’ll be hard enough to live with me as it is.

I’m hard at work editing and I’ll have a summary episode for the Thunderbirds F-16 flight up soon. Watch this space!