Yanks v. Planes of Fame Lawsuit Heats Up

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The lawsuit in San Bernardino County, California is heating up. I’ll be on Warbird Radio Live tonight at 8:00 PM US ET (2000 US ET/0000Z) to talk with Matt Jolley about recent developments in the case from a lawyer’s perspective.

As many of you know, Yanks Air Museum and several other tenants at the Chino Airport (KCNO) have sued Planes of Fame Air Museum, claiming trespass, three flavors of interference, and unfair competition, and have sought an injunction that would prevent the Chino Airshow from occurring. In a nutshell, Yanks and the other plaintiffs claim that the airshow limits their ability to do business and, among other things, they’ve asked that the court enjoin Planes of Fame from conducting the airshow.

For those following along at home, here are links to the pleadings so far.  These are public court documents.

All pleadings since inception on 27 March that i found interesting (including the 7 April filings by Planes of Fame opposing the injunction):


Just the pleadings filed by Planes of Fame on 7  April in opposition to the injunction:


Tune in tonight!  You’ll get my perspective as an aviation lawyer, airshow performer, and air boss, as well as the views of other callers and guests – all moderated by Matt Jolley, a real and experienced airshow announcer, pilot, and Edward R. Murrow award-winning journalist.

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